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Dry Cleaning
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Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Better Stain Removal

One of the best reasons to use a dry cleaner is the superior stain removal the process offers. A dry cleaner with experience knows how to properly remove stains from garments.

Protect Clothing from Damage

Another advantage to a dry cleaning service is the protection it offers clothing. Quality garments and favourite items can last years longer with regular dry cleaning. The process causes a lot less damage over time compared to a standard home washing machine.

Convenience - Pickup & Delivery

Many people who lead busy lives can enjoy the convenience that a dry cleaner has to offer. Clothing is dropped off and picked up at a convenient time, cleaned, ironed and bagged.

Professional Appearance

Clothing is always returned ironed on a hanger, usually in a protective plastic bag. A special finishing process is used that makes clothes crisp and wrinkle free with a brand new appearance.


Best Dry Cleaning in Maidenhead and

Burnham UK

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process where garments are cleaned without the usage of water. At Westies, we use Perclone, which is a petroleum product to get the best results. We maintain the highest quality in dry cleaning in and around the area. From silks to linen, curtains to wedding gowns, we do it all, in a much better and in a faster way as compared to the rest!



Tired ironing shirt after shirt, garment after garment? Try our Services and spend this valuable time with your family and friends! If you want, go further and try our Washing & Ironing Services. All your items will be cleaned using the highest quality washing detergent and softener, followed by the best pressing services. Get top-quality laundry services.

Household Cleaning

Household Cleaning

Westies clean all your household items from Curtains to your Duvets. We clean everything like Bedspreads, Sleeping Bags, Rugs, & Loose Covers, etc. Also, we are agents for a specialized suede and leather company who collect the garments every week and deliver them in a week.

Repair & Alerations

Repair & Alterations

Westies undertake the repairs and alterations for your garment items which are shortened, taken in, or curtains shortened with a quick turnaround. We have the experience and resources to quickly provide the best dry cleaning services and have the expertise to complete the job.

We offer free pick up and delivery

Get your clothes dry cleaned hassle-free. Our team picks up the clothes from your doorstep, cleans them, and again delivers the same and all this without an extra penny. Contact us to avail of this facility.

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